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Crossbows RAVIN

Crossbow Ravin : a range of compact, light but powerful crossbows

Choosing a crossbow can sometimes be complicated. Indeed, it is at the same time a question of choosing the right power, the model adapted to your type of use, the grip according to your morphology, but also the resistance. To give full satisfaction to its users, the brand Ravin has created a wide range of crossbow according to your needs and requirements for a unique user experience.

A range of crossbows ready to use
The peculiarity of Ravin crossbows is that when you buy your weapon, it is ready for use, and therefore does not require any assembly. The brand is also distinguished in the market thanks to the lightness and maneuverability of its weapons. Thus, the grip becomes easier even for beginners. Hattila, your crossbow specialist offers you a wide range of RAVIN products available to order.

The performance of RAVIN crossbows
Despite a range of compact and light crossbows, rest assured, the power and speed of pull RAVIN items remain impressive. For example, thanks to the HeliCoil technology, the RAVIN R10 Camo crossbow produces firepower up to 400 FPS (438km / h). There is also the R20 Gunmetal that produces up to 430 FPS or 471km / h with exceptional shooting accuracy. Or the small R26 Dusk Camo, with its 2kg95 and 66cm, which reaches 400FPS or 438km / h.

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200 - 340

Speed (FPS)

330 - 500


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