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Crossbows STRYKER

Stryker crossbow: your high precision crossbow

Beginner or advanced shooters, discover on Hattila.com, a wide range of crossbow pulleys of the American brand Stryker. So, whether you need a crossbow for recreational shooting, hunting, and even for survivalism, find your happiness on our site.

Stryker: the best crossbows in the market

Stryker offers compound crossbows from 150 to 155lbs with a shooting power of 395 to 422km / h. The American brand has designed hunting weapons of excellent quality, powerful and balanced. Stryker Katana 360 Camo, 385 Camo, Skryker Offspring 360 fps Black and 360 fps Camo have one thing in common: their featherweight of 2kg94. All Stryker ranges are accessible to the public at a low price.

Unique shooting accuracy

Stryker crossbows are easy to handle. Nothing more simple: set your, adjust the lens and shoot! All ranges on Hattila are very easy to arm. Question strength, Stryker crossbows have nothing to envy to other brands. When shooting, Stryker has implemented a system that dramatically reduces the impact of mechanical stress during firing.

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