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Crossbows TENPOINT

TenPoint Crossbow: a compact and lightweight weapon

The TenPoint crossbow is one of the best weapons. It is one of the crossbows equipped with a pair of glasses of application which makes it possible to improve the precision of marking of the target. Thus, it adapts to professionals, but also to beginners with an intermediate level. Regarding its assembly, it is relatively easy to achieve.

A comfortable and practical structure

To move easily in terrain, especially in remote and narrow areas, the hunter needs a weapon easy to carry. The TenPoint crossbow is suitable for this type of situation since it is lightweight and weighs only 6.4 lbs. Its weight is one of these assets compared to other models.

An ultra-fast and deadly shot

In a single shot, the TenPoint Crossbow delivers 113 fps of power at 180 lbs. The rope can extend to 14 "with a velocity of 372 feet per second. Drilling the boom can be fatal. Moreover, the arrow can pierce thick objects or a corpulent target. The package includes Pro Elite arrows designed for this kind of situation. The flight of these arrows is completely linear and fast.

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165 - 300

Speed (FPS)

335 - 505


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