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Crossbows Wicked

Wicked crossbows: design and performance at a low price

Looking for a light, but high velocity crossbow? The Wicked Mace makes for you the best compound crossbows on the market. Powerful, manageable, and truly affordable, discover on Hattila, a whole range of exceptional products for your greatest happiness.

Crossbow design and performance

Wicked distinguishes itself from other manufacturers of crossbows with pulley thanks to the design of these articles (military camouflage). Ergonomic, strong and efficient, each Wicked crossbow assembles in minutes and offers you a unique stability thanks to good support, even during difficult hunting conditions. Fans, but also experienced users will have the opportunity to easily shoot their targets with powerful arcs and pulleys performance.

Crossbows accessible to all

Whether you are a beginner or an experienced user, Wicked crossbows are easy to handle and use. Thus, the brand makes a point of honor to ensure the safety of its users. With functional and secure handles, ergonomic grips, rope safety notches and smooth triggers, Wicked compound crossbows are perfect for beginners to learn the basics of archery.

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175 - 200

Speed (FPS)

400 - 400


€810.00 - €1,185.00

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