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CenterPoint Crossbows

CenterPoint Archery Crossbows

CenterPoint Archery is a brand specialized in shooting sports items of American origin. It is a subsidiary of Crossman, the famous manufacturer of the airbow (air-powered crossbow). This new brand offers high performance and design crossbows. It designs and delivers powerful crossbows to airbow enthusiasts. If you are a big game hunter, you can easily be seduced by its different models.

CenterPoint Archery's goal is to push the boundaries of bow hunting and crossbow hunting. That is why it offers high-performance weapons. They want to allow shooting enthusiasts to enjoy every game, every shot, and every sequence with a reliable and accurate line weapon at their disposal.

Features of CenterPoint Crossbows

CenterPoint Archery puts all its know-how and experience into its products: crossbows, bows, accessories, and hunting equipment. Its crossbows have interesting features to hit targets cleanly, quickly, and safely in different shooting conditions.

The design

Beautiful crossbows for leisure, hunting, or survival, that's what CenterPoint Archery has to offer. Its crossbows are known and appreciated for their exquisite design. Each range is available in at least two versions and finishes to give you a wider choice and suit different user profiles. For 2021, CenterPoint Archery is offering a new ultra-compact and quiet model called the Wrath™ 430. With a bullup style, this all-new crossbow is ideal for close-quarters hunting and ultimate stealth.

The power

CenterPoint crossbows aggressively amp up their velocity. Shot speeds range from 245 fps at 56 lbs. pressure on traditional all-purpose crossbows to 430 fps at 164 lbs. pressure on the most powerful models. This is some of the best performance on the market. These crossbows are also ergonomically designed with a cocking stirrup, which makes them easy to cock. You can aim correctly and with more accuracy while enjoying the power of the weapon.

The usage

Shooters tend to look for crossbows that are easy to handle. CenterPoint also takes care of this particular point. You can get a designer crossbow that is easy to use from this manufacturer. Thanks to the lightweight and compact Silent Crank accessory, available for some models, the crossbow becomes quieter when cocking and shooting. In other models, there is a "Whisper Silencing System™" that reduces noise from limb dampers, stops, and strings.


CenterPoint Archery also looks out for the safety of its shooting weapons and users. The manufacturer has incorporated a folding stock with an anti-dry fire mechanism into each of its crossbows. This means that even in a sniper's position or on the move, the chances of accidental fire are minimized as well as the risk of injury. They also benefit from an "auto safety" system allowing the weapon to be carried in complete safety.

Value for money

If you want to buy a crossbow with a very good value for money, you can also look at the CenterPoint range. The CP 400, Amped 200, or Sniper Elite crossbows, for example, are very popular models because of their power and accuracy, yet they are offered at lower prices than crossbows with a similar performance from other brands. 

Accessories that come with the CenterPoint Archery crossbow

CenterPoint's tactical and hunting crossbows generally come with functional accessories to simplify their use and maintenance. You will receive a complete weapon in the package. This may include a quiver, arrows (variable number), rope cocker, carrying slings, and scopes. The package can also include wax stick, a great necessity to maintain the string and the rail of the crossbow. Nevertheless, it is possible to buy these different accessories as an option for those who need them.

Crossbows with a 5-year warranty

CenterPoint Archery crossbows are the perfect combination of high performance, functionality and reliability. You'll find crossbows in a variety of power levels to suit all levels of shooters. Whether you are new to hunting or outdoor shooting with a crossbow, or already have experience in this discipline, CenterPoint Archery gives you enough choice.

All crossbows from this brand come with a 5-year warranty. So you can practice with the weapon of your choice in the field with confidence. Contact our crossbow experts for advice on selecting your CenterPoint crossbow or accessories.

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80 - 200

Speed (FPS)

245 - 430


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