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Crosman Airbows

Crosman Pioneer Airbows are revolutionary and formidable crossbows designed to provide the best shooting experience possible.

A combination of accuracy and power

With Crosman Airbows, experience the perfect combination of accuracy and power. With a great caliber, these crossbows will give you a quick succession of shots and a good range. The heavy, full-length arrowheads will guarantee you great results.

A pioneering brand in the airgun industry

Crosman brand has been a true pioneer in the airgun industry for over 90 years now. Today, they offer their line of Airbows that are revolutionary in design. Technological advances are present, with optimal shooting power and accuracy, as well as functional ergonomics for unparalleled comfort of use.

A safe and reliable crossbow

With the carefully factory-tuned 2-stage trigger, archers and crossbowmen will benefit from a particularly safe and reliable throwing weapon.

Innovative Airbows

Crosman, the world's leading designer and manufacturer of air pistols and air rifles, has expanded its crossbow line with the Crosman Air Rifle. Whether you are a simple shooting sports enthusiast or a true aficionado, these technological advances will surprise you and make you want to go further in your passion.

A large choice of models and accessories

Find all the models of Air Rifles and Airbows in our selection, with the best compatible accessories. All our products are available at the best price!

A range for all needs

Whether you are looking for a leisure weapon or for competition, the Crosman Airbow range offers a wide choice of models with impressive features:

  • Air-powered crossbows, developing a shooting power of up to 500 km/h.
  • An impressive autonomy, allowing up to 8 shots before recharging.
  • A fast and easy-to-use system to perform the 8 shots in a short time while maintaining maximum power and speed of fire.
  • High shooting accuracy and comfort of use even in tight spaces, thanks to its revolutionary propulsion system.
  • Quick stabilization of the arrows offers a great range of shooting.

Finally, the most experienced big game hunters will also find satisfaction in the Airbows.

All the accessories that you neede

Hatilla offers you the opportunity to quickly find all the accessories that will complement your Airbow, such as the special Pioneer Crosman Benjamin Airbow Arrow Pack, as well as high-pressure pumps, carrying cases and adapters for your Airbow refill bottles. Check out our catalog of airbow throwing weapons and take advantage of Hatilla's crossbow expertise!

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