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Semex (Arcus)

The Semex Arcus brand

The Semex Arcus brand is one of the most well-known brands in the gas crossbow market. It offers satisfying equipment that is designed with strong and lasting materials for optimal use. The crossbows that are designed by Semex Arcus are faster, more powerful and more resistant. 

To satisfy the requirement of the customers, Semex Arcus produces crossbows with an innovative, improved and modern design. It focuses on comfort to allow shooters to handle them easily. This is why it is renowned worldwide.

The Semex Arcus brand is also known as a high quality brand. The crossbows it has designed provide great stability to be able to aim correctly at the target. Its sophisticated mechanism provides power and speed that is highly appreciated by shooters. Thus, this brand is especially known for its great power, accuracy, silence, rate of shoot, ease of use, practicality and comfort it brings.

It should also be noted that the brand focuses on products that are perfectly safe, follow the standards and are suitable for beginners and professionals. 

How to choose your Semex Arcus crossbow? 

Choosing your Semex Arcus crossbow can sometimes be very complicated, especially if you are a beginner. Unlike other crossbows, the choice of power will not be based on your body type or level. The choice will be made according to what you are looking for. So before choosing, know that higher is the power of the crossbow, faster is your arrow. It will hit the target with more impact. However, that doesn't mean it will go too far.

The other choice is to look at the arrow's speed in meters per second, as it leaves the barrel. Then please also consider its characteristics, i.e.: what is its weight?  Its width? Its length? Its length? etc. Indeed, these elements are important so that you can handle your crossbow comfortably and thus be effective during your shots.

The last thing to remember is your budget.

The best branded crossbows

You might find several Semex Arcus brand crossbows on the market. To help you make the right choice, here are the most popular Semex Arcus crossbows.

  • Arcus Arrowstar pistol crossbow (7.5 joules - grey)

This Arcus Arrowstar 7.5 joule pistol crossbow is a mix of gas and pistol crossbows. By using this crossbow, you would not have to make any adjustments as you just need to install the CO2 cartridge and arrows before shooting. Since this crossbow has an energy of 7.5 joules, the arrows can reach up to a speed of 40m/s. It is an easy to handle and use crossbow. You would not have to make any effort, as you just have to pull the trigger to shoot. It is a target shooting weapon only. It is suitable for everyone (beginners and experienced alike).

  • Arcus Arrowstar pistol crossbow (17 joules - grey)

This Arcus Arrowstar 17 joule pistol crossbow is a mix of gas and pistol crossbows. Grey in color, it is a slim crossbow, comfortable to hold and light, as it weighs only 890 grams. You could use it comfortably, as it does not require any effort. Its power will allow you to shoot at a distance between 10 and 15 meters. Its arrows weigh 9.5 grams and can reach a speed of 60m/s when leaving the barrels. This crossbow is adapted to a 16 gram (for about 30 shots) or 12 gram (for about 20 shots) CO2 cartridge. 

  • The Arcus Arrowstar pistol crossbow (17 joules - black)

This crossbow has the same characteristics as the Arcus Arrowstar 17 joules grey crossbow. The only difference is the color and that is up to you.

When buying Semex Arcus products, you should remember that they always come with arrows and carrying cases. However, the cartridge adapter, stock and picatinny rail are not included and you will have to purchase them separately. 

It should also be noted that the brand offers the sale of arrows, CO2 cartridges separately.

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