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Steambow: Crossbow, accessories and spare parts

Steambow has transformed the realm of crossbows by developing a new generation of draft weapons. Indeed, the manufacturer is at the origin of the famous Steambow, a combined classic crossbow and its patented PowerUnit air system as a cocking mechanism. 

Much more handful, ultra light and practical to use, the Steambow suits any shooting conditions. Like the paintball gun, the crossbow has a crank cocking device for easy, quick and silent cocking. Even the powerful Excalibur crossbows become very easy to cock as you simply press a button to release the bows and press again to bring the crossbow to full power.

With the PowerUnit, Steambow wants to offer professional users the best crossbows in the world. This invention is the result of cooperation between the crossbow makers and a company that specialized in the construction of precision parts for the aerospace, automotive and weapons industries. 

Find and order Steambow crossbows and all the accessories you need at hattila.com, your online armory. We also offer compound crossbows, wooden crossbows and mini crossbows from other brands in our product lines.

Why to choose a Steambow crossbow?

- Lightweight: because the crossbow is much lighter, the shooter does not need to make a big physical effort to handle the weapon.

- Self-armed: it becomes very easy to aim, cock and shoot with a Steambow crossbow, the shooter can have a much faster rate of fire.

- Silent and versatile: this weapon is suitable for all types of crossbow shooting. Its applications are multiple.

- Foldable: the shooter also has a weapon that is easy to store and transport, whether for fun in the garden or on the shooting range. 

- Robust: Steambow is a guarantee of quality, its products are known for their reliability and their great robustness and their long life.

How does it work?

The Streambow works like a traditional crossbow, except that it is powered by compressed air and CO2 vapor tanks, just like in paintball. A simple button is used to tension the bows and cock the arrows. However, a compressor or a high pressure hand pump is needed to refill the tanks. The result is a crossbow that combines comfort, power, accuracy and practicality.

Technically, a crossbow becomes a complete steambow when it has a PowerUnit core. However, this system is only compatible with a handful of crossbows, including the Excalibur Bulldog 400 and Micro 350 crossbows. The PowerUnit must be adjusted and configured at the factory to fit the crossbow model to be equipped. 

Discover the Steambow range

Steambow designs its parts and crossbows from sturdy materials such as 7075 aluminum (aviation alloy) and stainless steel with an equally high quality surface coating. This ensures strength and longevity. What models are available?

- AR-6 Stinger

The AR-6 Stinger crossbow pistol is an ultra-compact weapon suitable for sport and recreational shooting. You can reload arrows very quickly thanks to its quick-fire magazine and quick-release lever. It is compatible with hunting arrows. In addition to a mechanical sight and a built-in laser sight, it can be accessorized with a red dot laser sight, tactical light and other adjustment parts. 

- AR-6 Stinger II, the tactical crossbow redefined

Weighing only 1.2 kg when equipped, this model is the lightest tactical crossbow on the market. It is also easy to handle and extremely fast thanks to the Speedloader and its AR-15 stock with integrated front sight. It is safe to carry even when armed with arrows although it is ready to fire in a jiffy. This crossbow is for you if you are looking for an ultra convenient and intuitive weapon to use and aim for an accelerated rate of fire.

- Steambow Onyx

Onyx was the first true steambow offered by the manufacturer. It is the perfect combination of the conventional crossbow with an air gun. This tactical crossbow can work without compressed air and CO2 capsules. A manual push of the button with optional accessories is enough to start the automatic cocking and arming. Onyx is just as fast, safe, convenient and versatile as the Stinger steambow.

- Fenris

The Fenris streambow isn't quite a crossbow, it's more of a compound bow that the brand has paired with an arrow magazine. It allows you to shoot five arrows in a row in a few seconds, without letting go of the bow. All you have to do is aim correctly and pull the trigger to fire the arrows. It's ideal for effortless, ultra-fast, repeat shots, but with added accuracy. It offers a fast-paced shooting sequence that shooters are quick to describe as addictive. 

A wide range of accessories

Many accessories are also available with Steambow crossbows for easy and comfortable use:

- laser sights for long distance shooting

- lasers and lights for shooting in the dark

- arrows

- special tips

- rope

- handles

- aiming rail

- CO2 capsules...

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