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LanceHead Crossbow

A reputable brand in the manufacture of modern and excellent quality crossbows, Lancehead launches its Lancehead F1 crossbow range. Specially designed for the thrill-seeking hunter, the Lancehead F1 crossbow features high performance and a compact design. A throwing weapon with great hitting power and extreme accuracy, it is currently considered the world's premier hunting crossbow. Available in a variety of camouflage styles, it is sure to please anyone who wants the feel of a real old-fashioned hunt.

If you think this sporting tool hasn't evolved, you'll be amazed at the innovation brought by the American Lancehead crossbows. With revolutionary technology, the Lancehead crossbow has no side clutter. This will allow you to better find your shooting position, which will be almost the same as a shotgun. Its Torsion Drive made of coiled microparts gives the weapon a surprisingly powerful shot, as well as an extremely accurate shot.

So without further ado, check out our selection of Lancehead crossbow models, as well as all the essential accessories for a better user experience.

Lancehead crossbow: a real innovation in the world of hunting crossbows

The Lancehead crossbow range is packed with technological innovations: the Torsion Drive for striking power, the U-Tune integrated adjustment system, CamoSwap camouflage parts... Innovations that make the Lancehead one of the most powerful and efficient jet weapons for hunting.

Excellent shooting accuracy with the Lancehead crossbow

Accuracy is guaranteed with the Lancehead crossbow. Equipped with the Torsion Drive system, the Lancehead crossbow has a lot of power. This power combined with a relatively low weight offers a power of shooting over a longer distance. An unbeatable performance that you will not find on any conventional crossbow. This is because the Torsion Drive's microparts store more power in a smaller space. This results not only in great power and high performance, but also in great accuracy over long distances. You will also only need a very small space to find your shooting position. Even with several obstacles to the targets, the Lancehead crossbow will give you a guaranteed win, while hunting small or big game.

Compact and easy to carry weapons

The Lancehead F1 crossbow has a small size, with a width of only 10 cm. This allows it to produce remarkable power with a shooting position in a small space. Since the torsion Drives' micro-parts are also made of carbon-coated steel, the weapon is certainly lighter, but no less resistant. Designed without bow limbs, the Lancehead crossbow is also easy to carry. A jet weapon designed with a particularly narrow body, it presents itself as the ideal weapon for hunting parties. In addition, it also gains an advantage over non-compound crossbow models. Indeed, its design allows it to be particularly easy to maintain. The U-Tune system makes it easy to change the cable or string. Wherever you are with your Lancehead crossbow, you can also easily make adjustments with the best precision.

Let yourself be tempted by the best hunting crossbow of the moment, the Lancehead F1 crossbow, which we offer with all accessories!

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