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Barnett Accessories

BARNETT crossbow accessories

Hunting is a practice that dates back to ages ago. In the past, our ancestors took up hunting to survive. Over the years, this activity has progressed and become a discipline in its own right. Today, it counts several thousands of followers throughout the world. And if it used to be practiced with a spear and a sling, nowadays, weapons such as bows and crossbows guarantee a more powerful and precise shot. 

The crossbow, a weapon that first appeared in China in the fifth century BC, has a design more or less similar to the bow. The difference is that it shoots a bolt and is held in a different way. The crossbow has also undergone a great evolution over the years. The manual mechanisms have been replaced by more sophisticated ones, which provide more comfort, precision and power. We cannot talk about innovation in crossbows without mentioning the accessories. Brands are outdoing themselves in offering models capable of meeting all criteria of choice. And among the most popular are the Barnett crossbow accessories. Barnett crossbows are top-of-the-line hunting crossbows, available in a variety of models and with adjustable power ratings. 

One crossbow, one brand

There are many manufacturers of hunting crossbows on the market. But in the field, Barnett remains the most popular brand. The manufacturer is known for its high quality crossbows with a futuristic design that is second to none. The accessories offered to complete Barnett crossbows are also numerous. Arrows, cables, covers, crank cocking device, strings, find on Hattila what you need and at the best price. 

Barnett crossbows: the best performing models on the market

There are many crossbows developed by the BARNETT brand. But among the best sellers on the market are the Barnett Predator, the Barnett Raptor Pro and the Barnett Ghost 420. 

The Barnett Predator 

It's not possible to talk about Barnett crossbows without mentioning the Predator. As powerful as Scorpyd Aculeus and TenPoint Nitro X, the Predator is a crossbow that plays in the big leagues. The Barnett Predator is appreciated for its shooting speed of around 430 fps (472 km/h). This weapon also has a power of 207 lbs. With this crossbow, the arrows are able to spear even the largest of game. On the safety side, the Predator has a frictionless release system. When it comes to accessories, you have the option of customizing your Barnett Predator. Hattila offers replacement cables for the Predator as well as ropes for only 34.90 Euros. 

The Barnett Raptor PRO

The Barnett Raptor PRO is a model with a slightly lower speed than the Barnett Predator. To be more precise, it is about 400 Fps or 439 km/h. In terms of power, Barnett Raptor PRO has a performance of 185 lbs. Compact, the Barnett Raptor PRO is easy to handle. If you're a novice, you can still use a Barnett crossbow crank cocking device, available at Hattila. The online archery and crossbow reference also offers Barnett Predator PRO crossbow cables and strings. 

The Barnett Ghost 420 

If we had to sum up the Barnett Ghost 420 in one word, it would be a "monster" crossbow. The Barnett Ghost 420 delivers a bolt speed of up to 420 fps. In its design, this weapon is based on a carbonite riser. This is complemented by a structure made entirely of carbon, ensuring lightness and strength at the same time. The Barnett Ghost 420 also incorporates a premium quality illuminated scope that allows for better targeting of the game to be hunted. At the same time, it benefits from a Triggertech technology that prevents any friction while the arrow is being propelled. The ease of assembly is also one of the key elements that make this crossbow a model that meets all the criteria of choice. 

If you are looking for arrows to match your Barnett crossbow, Hattila has a set of five 22" Hyperflite carbon arrows. They are perfect for outdoor shooting. Hattila also offers a set of 5 carbon Headhunter 22 inch arrows and a set of 5 20 inch arrows. For a Barnett Hyperghost crossbow, Hattila also offers an ergonomic and comfortable crank cocking device. Finally, to ensure better protection for your Barnett crossbow, you will find a suitable cover on the online archery and crossbow making site.

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