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Archery targets

Are you passionate about archery? Archery is a sport that requires the use of a few pieces of equipment such as: the bow, point arrows, protective accessories and of course the archery target. There are many reasons why you might want to purchase an archery target: to train and improve your competitive skills, to ensure that your next hunting session is a success. Archery targets are a great way to improve yourself and your shooting accuracy.

However, the archery market offers many different target sizes and styles. Archers can shoot at different types of targets

- On large targets;
- On small targets ;
- On bagged targets ;
- On block targets ;
- On straw targets;
- On foam targets;
- On 3D targets...

With so many different types and models of archery targets on the market, it is often difficult to know what type of target to choose. Your goals and your archery equipment determine which target you need. It is advisable to consider the following elements:

  • the frequency of your shots
  • your shooting environment (nature shooting, outdoor or indoor shooting)
  • your bow type (recurve, recurve, compound or compound bow)
  • the power of your bow

The size and dimension of the archery target should also be checked. It is recommended to choose a model that is easy to carry.

Whatever your practice of archery, recreational archery, competitive archery, or hunting, Hattila, offers a wide range of bow targets so that you can find the one that suits your needs! Whether it's straw targets, block or cube targets, 2D or 3D targets, or even target faces, be sure to find the ideal target.

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