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Equipement de l'Arc

Archery is a very personal sport, this is reflected in the equipment used by the archer. The incredible amount of bow accessories available to archers today proves it. Just like the archer, the bow also has its equipment. These accessories allow archers to fully customize their bow to give it a unique look and feel while increasing performance and shooting accuracy.

A bow accessory is a complementary or additional item, used for convenience, appeal, or to enhance performance. This excludes any piece of equipment needed on your bow such as your string, simply because you cannot shoot a bow without a string. All other pieces of equipment are considered bow accessories.

Bow accessories have certainly have been evolving a lot in the last few decades. Stabilizers that were once solid pieces of metal used as simple counterweights are now noise and vibration-reducing devices.

White-painted metal sights have been replaced with wrapped fiber optics, and fin-type supports have been replaced with micro-adjustable drop-down supports.

Hattila offers a wide variety of bow accessories, allowing you to customize your bow in multiple ways to suit all your needs.

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