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In archery, a stabilizer is a type of weight, usually rod-shaped, mounted on the bow to increase stability. Bow stabilizers perform a variety of functions. They absorb bow vibrations during shooting, reducing the shock felt in the hand on the bow handle and making the bow quieter. They help maintain the bow's balance by adding weight. This weight encourages the bow to stand up straight, which is essential for consistent accuracy. It also helps improve your sight when aiming at the target.

There are different types of stabilizers:

  • central stabilizers fixed at the front in the shooting direction,
  • side stabilizers attached to a V-Bar on either side of your bow,
  • front stabilizers, usually screwed to the top and front of the bow handle,
  • and even the rear stabilizers.

They allow you to balance your bow while aiming and absorb the vibrations emitted during your shot. But that's not all: they also protect your equipment and your joints. Adjustment is by adding and/or removing weights at the ends.

In this wide range of stabilizers and silencers selected by Hattila, your archery expert, you'll find the essential stabilization accessories to balance your bow and attenuate vibrations and bow noise for a more pleasant and accurate shot.

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