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Bows and bow kits for Children

If you are looking for a safe and fun activity for your child, archery is the ideal sport and educational activity!

Practicing archery has many advantages, in addition to being an outdoor activity, it allows your child to have fun while learning new skills.

Historically, archery has been practiced for hunting and combat. But today, it is practiced as a competitive sport as well as a recreational activity. Archery is a creative and fun sport for adults and children. If your children love archery, it is important to choose a set of arrows and bows that are adapted to them. To do so, many criteria must be taken into account such as age, morphology (size), and objective.

The most important thing for a young child is to make sure that they can shoot arrows comfortably and safely. But don't be surprised if one of the most important criteria for them is the design of the bow.

Therefore, choose a bow that your child can handle easily and with which he can develop his skills. It can be a recurve bow for children or a compound bow for children that comes with a complete package. And let them choose playful elements such as color.

For everyone's enjoyment, Hattila, your archery expert, offers a wide range of bows for children to make sure you find the one you need.

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