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Traditional Bows for adult

The essential element in archery remains of course the bow itself. Traditional archery offers two models of bows: the longbow and the recurve bow. Shooting with longbows is easy because their length allows the draw weight to be distributed over a larger area. Recurve bows can be more accurate because they are cut in the center (or beyond) to have a "point and shoot" feel.

One of the great joys of traditional archery is the variety of bows. They vary in appearance, construction, and performance. If you don't like a traditional bow, try another until you find one that suits you.

Although traditional bows differ in appearance, they all consist of a bow with a single string attached to the end of the limbs. Archers pull this string, the more he/she pulls on the string, the more draw weight increases, and then he/she releases it.

Whatever your favorite type of bow, recurve, or straight bow, Hattila, your archery expert, offers you a wide range of traditional bows, so that you can find the one that suits you best.

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