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Bow limbs

Whether it's for competition, sport or simply for leisure, the recurve bow holds a special place for beginners who want to learn about the famous archery. A recurve bow generally features a riser, limbs, a string and cable, a sight and a stabilizer.

While the riser is the main part that influences the strength and handling of a 20 lbs or 15 lbs recurve bow, the limbs will determine all the draw weight of the recurve or modern bow. At Hattila, we offer you the best equipment for dismountable recurve bows, especially in terms of bow limbs, to help you gain power and accuracy.

We have a wide range of beginner recurve bow kits for those who want a complete set of equipment to start with. We can also provide you with the best traditional children's bows, specifically 15 lbs recurve bows, if you want to introduce archery to the whole family.

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