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Target compound bows

For big game hunting, nothing beats a compound bow. This is a compound bow with an innovative mechanism, made of flexible materials such as carbon fiber.

It is a high-poundage bow capable of shooting arrows at very high speeds (up to 300 fps or 330 km/h), and make accurate shots even at long distances thanks to the sight. Compared to the recurve or traditional bow, the archer does not need as much effort to cocking his bow, thanks to the mechanism of the cables, eccentric cams, and pulleys. This reduction in effort is called let-off, expressed as a percentage, usually between 60 and 80%. The higher the let-off, the better.

With a compound bow, you can shoot as many times as you want without getting tired while remaining focused on your target. Hattila.com, the online archery offers a range of powerful compound bows from 55 to 75 lbs, as well as various archery accessories to better equip you for the hunt.

How to become a bow hunter?

Bow hunting has been around for thousands of years. It was forbidden for a long time because of poaching, it is allowed again in France since 2015. However, to hunt small and big game, it is mandatory to have a hunting license and to subscribe to hunting insurance. Bow hunting is not a discipline suitable for neophytes, because to be an archer, it is also necessary to follow a bow hunting training by registering with the National Federation of Hunters.

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