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Hunting compound bows

Over the last few decades, the efficiency of compound bows has dramatically increased. Thanks to improved materials and components, compound bows are now more powerful and their shooting is smoother and quieter. This makes them an ideal hunting weapon.

Hattila, your archery expert, offers you a wide selection of compound bows for hunting.

What is a compound bow?

First developed in 1966 by Holles Wilbur Allen in Missouri, compound bows rely on a lever system consisting of cables and pulleys or "cams" to bend the limbs or ends of the bow. The cam and cable system of the compound bow offers a mechanical advantage that allows the archer to exert much less physical effort when the bow is fully drawn.

Thus, by requiring less effort to hold the bow at full power, the archer can aim better and gain accuracy. The system also allows more energy to be stored in the rigid bow, resulting in higher speed at the moment of release. The compound bow represents a significant design improvement over the traditional longbow and recurve or classical bow.

Advantages of the compound bow for hunting

Generally recognized for their superior accuracy, speed, and distance compared to other types of bows, compound bows have several other advantages that have made them the dominant bow, particularly in the United States, used in competitions and hunting. The ability to hold the bow at full power for long periods without the use of force makes it particularly suitable for women, and even young children for recreational purposes. For the same reason, compound bows are also interesting for hunters who track game.

One of the main advantages of compound bows over traditional bows is their durability. Unlike traditional wooden bows, the different materials used in compound bows are not susceptible to deformation when exposed to changes in temperature and humidity. This makes them more reliable in different hunting environments.

Other equipment can be added to the compound bow, such as sights, stabilizers, or quiver, without impairing its performance. Just like traditional bows, the arrows in compound bows can be made of carbon or aluminum. For greater efficiency during your hunting sessions, it is recommended to purchase arrowheads for a lethal shot. Hattila, your online armory offers you all the necessary hunting accessories.

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