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Hunting Bow Kits

More and more people are nowadays seduced by archery. More than an outdoor leisure activity, this sport is just as impressive as a precision shooting game such as Firstdakota-person shooter (FPS) game. Used by hunters for several centuries, the bow is now available in a wide range of more accurate models. At Hattila, your online archery, each archer will find a wide range of bows with the right accessories. Whether you need a competition bow, a wooden bow, a traditional recurve bow, a modern compound bow, or a hunting bow, Hattila is the reference.

Amateur, beginner, or professional bow hunter, you certainly know that for a successful experience, the choice of equipment plays an important role. Therefore, it is advisable to take a look at the kit that makes up the bow before the purchase. At Hattila, you will find a wide selection of bow hunting kits according to your level (first hunt set, set for pro hunter, and set for initiation).

The difference between a sport bow for recreational archery and a hunting bow

Although many people think there is a difference between a hunting bow and a sport bow, this is not the case. The hunting bow is one of the hunting weapons whose purpose is to shoot arrows. It often consists of a flexible curved piece, a string, and several arrows. Like throwing knives, shotguns, and crossbows, it can also be used to hunt game. Archery, on the other hand, is a sporting discipline that aims to use the hunting bow to hit targets over a long distance.

However, compared to a compound bow, a straight bow, a barebow, or a traditional bow, the hunting bow has two curves. Depending on the model, it can be monobloc, dismountable or removable.

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