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Fletched arrows

To shoot with the bow and hit the target, every archer would need an archery arrow as a shooting weapon. This projectile consists of a head designed to pierce the target, a tube also known as a shaft, a feather or fletching, and a nock with which the bow string is drawn. If there are arrows to be dismantled, they are mainly intended for archers who already have some experience in archery or by purist. Mounted arrows are generally for beginners who are new to the sport. However, some models appeal to experienced archers. It's all a matter of habit and feeling when it comes to choosing an arrow.

As the name suggests, the mounted arrow does not need to be mounted. You won't need to assemble the different elements that make it up. It is ready to use. It is the ideal weapon if you don't always have the time and patience to assemble the arrow, in this case by screwing or sticking the head, the feathers, and the nock to the tube. To meet all needs, Hattila.com offers you a wide range of mounted arrows for traditional bows, hunting bows, recurve bows, competition bows... Available in different materials and sizes, find easily the arrows that fit your bow among our selection.

How to choose your mounted arrows

Ready-to-use arrows are suitable for the majority of archery practices. You can therefore purchase feathered arrows for 3D archery, indoor shooting, hunting... Sometimes it is equipped with broadheads. As soon as the models fit your bow, you can use them confidently, or combine them with the bow accessories also available in the online archery.

The different types of mounted arrows/H3>

There are 4 main types of arrows mounted according to the tube material.

  • Wooden mounted arrows: often handcrafted in pine or cedar wood, they are often equipped with natural feathers. They are preferred by traditional archers using a straight bow.
  • Carbon mounted arrows: appreciated for their solidity, they are generally used with compound bows and classical bows. They are also suitable for outdoor and long-distance shooting.
  • Aluminum mounted arrows: they are perfect for leisure shooting. They are high-performance and versatile projectiles, but above all, they are designed for archers looking for inexpensive mounted arrows.
  • Aluminum/carbon mounted arrows: If you are not afraid to pay the price, these models made of aluminum and carbon layers are suitable for all uses, especially for competition shooting.

The dimensions of your mounted arrow

As with any purchase of bow arrows, and if you want to get it right, you must also take into account its dimensions and characteristics. By doing this, you can get the right projectiles for your bow and consequently, perform better at shooting.

  • Diameter: the diameter of an arrow is generally between 0.2 and 0.4 inches (5 and 10 mm). The smaller it is, the faster the arrow is.
  • Draw length: The archer's draw length is the distance between his/her hand and the bow riser when he/she is about to shoot. You must choose your arrow by considering your draw length.
  • Weight: It is important to remember that a heavy arrow is not suitable for long-distance shooting. It is more efficient when shooting from short distances.
  • Spine: The spine indicates the flexibility of a shaft. It varies from 250 (stiffest) to 800 (softest). Too stiff or too soft, the arrow loses precision and becomes less constant. To hunt, for example, 400, 340, or 300 spines are preferred.

To get the best mounted arrows, make your choice among our offers.

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