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Choosing and then buying a crossbow is no problem if you have the budget and are not really looking at the price. But if you need a cheap crossbow that comes with all the accessories, our crossbow packs are for you. They allow you to own reliable, high-performance crossbows from our world-renowned brands without breaking the bank.

The crossbows available in the form of packs are, in fact, weapons that are ready to shoot, as their package contains all the equipment and accessories necessary to be able to use it as soon as you receive the package. Moreover, on our online armory, we also offer you cheap crossbow packs and crossbow accessories packs at low prices that will make you save even more. 

Don't hesitate to discover the available products and place your order on your online armory to equip yourself with crossbows, arrows, broadheads, rope, upgrade kits, etc. at very good prices!

What can I find in the crossbow packs?

The great advantage of buying a crossbow pack is the number of accessories already included with the weapon. They allow for immediate use without having to buy additional equipment. Just go to your shooting range and mount the crossbow to be able to cock and shoot. Even so, you can still purchase additional accessories to enhance performance or user comfort on many of the models.

Take advantage of the cheapest prices for beginners' crossbows, hunting crossbows, sporting crossbows and competition crossbows at unbeatable value for money at Hattila.

List of the different products included

  • Crossbow: we offer packs of automatic crossbows, crossbow pistols or mini crossbows, hunting crossbows, compound or large crossbows, folding crossbows..., so you can choose according to your discipline. These are crossbows from some of the best known manufacturers, with a variable power, from 50 lbs to 200 lbs or more.
  • Crossbow arrows: metal, carbon and plastic arrows are offered with the crossbow. This way you can be sure that they are perfectly compatible and can enjoy the full performance of the weapon. On the other hand, the number of shots in the package offered is variable, it can range from 2 to 10 arrows depending on the model and the manufacturer.
  • Cocking string: Most of our complete models also include a string to simplify the cocking and decocking of the crossbow. On some crossbows, the string comes pre-mounted or pre-installed, making it even easier to use. Others do not have a string at all, so if needed, the user must buy a string or a fake string.
  • Sighting scope: this accessory is essential for accurate aiming in different shooting environments. It can also be included in the crossbow package, but it is not always included.
  • Case: some packs also include a case to secure the weapon and facilitate storage and transport. This accessory is very practical whether you practice occasionally or on a regular basis.
  • Sometimes, complete packages also include accessories such as a rope cocker or crank, a quiver, a strap, a tube of lubricant for crossbow, a magazine, broadheads and many others.

Our cheap accessory packs

Hattila is an online store specializing in quality swords at very low prices. Our flagship product is the crossbow on which we have very low prices. The most sold crossbows are the leisure crossbows, i.e. the 150 lbs and 120 lbs, which allow you to get started in this new fashionable discipline.

Quick access to the best selling products in hunting crossbow or leisure crossbow and cheap crossbow.

Our store also offers different cheap packs of accessories for all crossbow shooting enthusiasts, including sets of arrows that can be made of plastic, carbon, metal or others, with or without quiver and sometimes with hunting tips. If you want to buy a target, a dummy string, a carrying case, a bandolier or other sets of accessories separately, browse our products to find the one that suits you and buy at a lower price.

For safety

Please note that hunting with a crossbow is prohibited in France. Crossbow shooting remains a relatively dangerous sport that must be practiced correctly: always go with at least 2 people, provide a target, go in a secure area and clear so as not to hurt anyone.

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