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In archery, an archer needs to have the right equipment. He must not only have a bow adapted to his activity but also use the right ammunition. The ammunition used in archery is essentially arrows. They are manufactured products that come in several types, models, and materials. However, even if the choice of bow arrows remains relatively diverse, it is important to choose the right arrows and especially the components. The head is one of the most popular accessories during archery sessions. It is the part of the arrow that first penetrates the target.

The arrowhead is of great importance for the arrow. It prevents the shaft from being damaged during the impact and helps to improve the stability of the arrow during its flight. This head is usually made of zinc or tungsten and is conically shaped. Of course, its shape can also vary according to the needs of the user and his practice objectives. The arrowhead can weigh between 60 and 200 grains. The weight of the arrowhead will affect the release of the arrow and the flexibility of the shaft. The stick-on arrowhead is a type that is glued directly to the shaft.

Are you looking for stick-on arrowheads for your archery arrows? The Hattila store will help you in your search. It offers you a whole range of arrowheads. Whether you want to practice sport archery or hunting, you have a choice between several reliable and quality products. You can easily find the weight, shape, and size of the stick-on arrowhead adapted to your needs. The advantage of Hattila is that the available arrowheads fit all your needs and are available at various prices. This makes it easy for you to find an accessory with a good price/performance ratio.

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