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Arrowheads for wooden shafts

Sport like archery is a discipline that attracts lots of enthusiasts. Requiring agility, precision, and great concentration, archery is even one of the sports practiced at the Olympic Games. What you need to know about archery is that the arrows used are similar to those used in game hunting. They include 4 accessories, including the notch, feathers, shaft, and head. Of all these elements, the heads play the most important role. Conically shaped, inserted, or glued in the shaft, they will be received in the target when the archer has shot. Do you need arrowheads for wooden shafts? Hattila.com is the best reference in the sale of archery accessories.

What is a shaft?

The shaft is an arrow without its feathers, notch, and heads. These accessories will be inserted on the arrow at a later stage. When it comes to shaft design, 4 main materials are used. First of all, we have aluminum which is the preferred choice of the archers who practice indoor shooting. Then we have the carbon, the perfect material for initiation. Then there is the combo between these two materials: aluminum-carbon. It is the most suitable for experienced shooters. Finally, we have the wood, the most frequently used for archers who like to shoot with a straight bow. You will find shafts from all these materials at Hattila.

What is an arrowhead?

The head is the element that is located at the end of the arrow. It is inserted directly into the shaft using glue and can also be screwed to an insert. The weight varies from one arrow to another.

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