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Arrow nock

Archery is a very old discipline but continues to be popular until now. This precision sport attracts many people, whether they are novice, enthusiasts, experts, young or old. For hunting or recreational archery, you must have the right bow equipment and accessories in your quiver. Archery arrow is made up of 4 elements: the notch, the feathers, the shaft, and the arrowhead.

Originally made of wood, other materials are used nowadays to improve the usage of this throwing weapon and optimize its performance. The most popular are aluminum and carbon fiber, but some manufacturers opt for the aluminum carbon combo.

The notch is one of the essential accessories for the arrow. It is located in the rearmost end of the shaft to prevent the arrow from sliding on the string. Some more sophisticated arrow models are mounted with a part that already has a notch. Find on Hattila, your online archery all notch models adapted to your arrows.

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