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Archery pins - Bushing and collars

Every archer must have a bow, arrows, and various accessories in his artillery. If you wish to improve your shooting performance, your comfort, or your safety when you practice archery, they are indeed essential. They also allow you to customize your throwing weapon, whatever your shooting discipline: archery hunting, recreational shooting (instinctive shooting, target shooting, or 3-D shooting...), or competition shooting. Moreover, you can accessorize all types of bows, from classic or recurve bows to compound bows and long bows…

Useful accessories include pins, but also brushings and collars.

  • Pins: on most modern arrows, the notches are now mounted on adapters. Pins are part of the adapters that are used for that purpose. They not only protect the back of the arrow but also allow you to adjust the mount for greater accuracy.
  • Bushing: this aluminum part must be placed at the rear of the arrow shaft as an adapter for the notch. It is mainly intended for carbon, aluminum, or carbon aluminum shafts.
  • Collars: Collars are the protective rings that are fitted to the arrows to protect them. They can be placed at the front (arrowhead end) or the back (notch end), it prevents the shaft from cracking and breaking on impact.

On hattila.com, we offer a wide selection of pins, bushings, and collars for most bow arrows. Also browse through our bow products and accessories if you want to buy a bow, spare parts, or equipment to complete your archery equipment. Our products are for archers of all levels, beginner, intermediate, or advanced.

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