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In a bow used for hunting, recreational or competitive shooting, there are at least two limbs, a handle and a string, supplemented by other components depending on the category in which it is found (recurve, compound or longbow). The bowstring is the synthetic strand which is attached on the ends of the branches: on the upper and lower doll. In order to shoot, the arrow must be cocked and the string stretched to get into the shooting position. In this phase, the archer accumulates energy in the branches. But in the end, the rope will transmit this energy to the arrow to send it towards the target. This element therefore plays an essential role in the overall performance of this jet weapon.

During shooting, this one is very much solicited and it is sometimes necessary to replace it. Hattila, your archery specialist, offers you a wide range of replacement ropes and cables to help you maintain the effectiveness of your bow.

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