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Mini crossbow packs

Check out the 50 and 80 lbs crossbows or crossbow pistols available and order yours at the best price on Hattila.

The 50 and 80 pound mini crossbows, also called one-handed crossbows or crossbow pistols, are easy-to-handle throwing weapons with less power compared to the big crossbows. This makes them suitable for recreational or beginner crossbow shooting. For hunting or competition shooting, you'll need to look at the much more powerful 150 lbs and larger crossbows. The online archery store hattila.com provides its customers with recreational guns sold in packs at very competitive prices. 

A mini crossbow pack includes a 50 lbs or 80 lbs crossbow and at least one set of arrows and a string. Packs are a convenient and economical way to get an all-in-one package, without having to search for the right crossbow accessories for the weapon. However, other additional accessories can accompany a pack to multiply the capacity of the crossbow gun, or to have a more beautiful weapon.

How to choose a mini crossbow? For simple backyard fun, you can buy a 50 lbs mini crossbow, but if you are looking for a powerful mini crossbow, you should select an 80 lbs model. Apart from the power, you should check the robustness of the weapon (strongly related to the materials and the quality of manufacture), as well as the distance and speed of fire or its accuracy. The great advantage of mini crossbows in a package is that all accessories are already included in the package. In our store, we offer packs of crossbow pistols from the reference brands to offer you complete and quality products. Don't hesitate to place your order!

The different advantages of a mini crossbow pack

A fun weapon ideal for beginners

With the mini crossbow, games and leisure become an interesting experience. As a one-handed weapon, it is ideal for recreational or introductory shooting. Indeed, the easy handling of this weapon provides a great pleasure and comfort of shooting compared to two-handed crossbows. However, it is a fun weapon to use with the necessary precautions and safety instructions. Its great mobility is its main strength although it lacks the great stability and accuracy of heavy crossbows.

A light and handy throwing weapon

Lighter, a mini crossbow is easy to carry and can be handled with one hand, which gives an incredible freedom of movement. That's why it can be used by children and young beginners who are new to crossbow shooting. Another advantage of this recreational weapon is that it is easier to learn to shoot with a crossbow because it automatically locks into place. To please even more those who practice crossbow shooting as a garden hobby, the manufacturer has thought of a more attractive alternative: the mini crossbow pack.

A ready-to-shoot crossbow

A mini crossbow is sold with the main accessories that accompany it, with a different design, colors and matching materials that promote aesthetics and create enthusiasm among customers. Among the best mini crossbow packs at Hattila.com, the 80 lbs gold cobra pack comes with one of the metal or gold arrows as well, as well as a string for the 80 lbs crossbow.

For beginners, there is a 50 lbs mini crossbow pack and its spare string with 12 plastic arrows in attractive colors. One of the most original models of the online store, the 80 lbs crossbow pack Cobra Zombie. It stands out for its flashy green color and gold rail, with its spare string and aluminum arrows that come with it.

A small crossbow at a mini price

Mini crossbow packs are the cheapest way to buy a miniature throwing weapon on the market. They also allow you to save a lot of money. Since the line weapon is complete, it is immediately operational. You don't need to buy additional accessories, yet the models are accessible from 20 €. 

At hattila.com you can find a wide range of mini crossbow packs. Every shooter will be able to find a weapon that looks just like him or her, for a change of scenery or to create a sensation. These unique and original packs are also a great gift for a child who is just discovering the pleasures of shooting a crossbow, always under adult supervision. The best thing about the concept pack is the price of these cheap accessories and mini crossbows. It is possible to own a quality leisure weapon with these accessories for learning or to improve accuracy, combining comfort and aesthetics.

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