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Câblages arcs à poulies


The cable of a compound bow consists of a network of strings. The quality of this network ensures the shooting speed and force. Just like the other elements of the bow, specific maintenance is required for the cables. This includes maintenance and replacement when necessary.

What is the purpose of the compound bowstring or cables?

An essential bow accessory to the performance of a compound bow, the cable serves several purposes. First of all, 4 to 6 strings can be found in this equipment. Each string has its role.

  • A traction cable: which looks like a classical bowstring. It is the element upon which the traction is exerted to bend the bow. The arrow is notched on this cable.
  • Two control cables: on which the shooting forces will be transmitted.
  • Depending on the type of compound bow, there may also be one or two control cables, which connect the upper and lower limbs. These two cables cross each other at their mid-length.
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