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Protège Bras

In the practice of archery, after the shot, the bow string bounces back and can sometimes hit the shooter's forearm. This can be very painful, and even injure the player. Every archer has faced this problem before, especially in the early stages of archery. It is to correct this situation that the arm guard was invented. Hattila, offers you a wide range of archer's arm guards, so that you can choose the one that suits you best.

Why use an armguard?

The problem of rebounding strings can discourage a beginner from taking up a bow again. Fortunately, the arm guard has been designed to easily avoid this problem. However, be aware that this archer's equipment is not intended solely to protect the arm from injuries caused by the string after the shot. The arm guard is also essential for :

  • Improve your shooting precision, because it will give more strength and stability to your arm.
  • It will prevent your grip from being badly positioned during the shot.
  • It avoids all risks of injuries on your arm.
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