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Get the job done with the right equipment! If you are an archery enthusiast, having the best accessories is essential to increase your performance. The breastplate is part of the archer's equipment, whether he/she is a professional or a simple amateur. It is available in several ranges for men, women, and even children. Discover the quality selection of your online archery, Hattila.

Definition and use of the breastplate

A breastplate is an essential accessory when using a bow sight. It protects the pecs but is primarily used to avoid chest injuries caused by the string, but also to prevent the clothes from blocking the shots. It is used during the practice of classical archery, as well as during training and competitions.

Target archers are the most frequent users of such protection. Competitive archers prefer to wear it to increase their concentration. Your breastplate allows you to stay focused on your target without distractions that may influence your shooting.

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