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Bow finger tabs

In the practice of archery, there are several essential accessories for the archer. Among them is the finger tab. In classical archery, it is an archer's equipment that protects the fingers from the string friction. Find the finger tab that will fit your fingers perfectly, from the high-quality selection offered by Hattila.

What is a finger tab?

In archery, the finger tab is a piece of leather or synthetic material used to protect the fingers. Its function is to prevent the bow string friction against the hand. Drawn and cut out to match the shape of the fingers, the archer doesn't any longer need to place his index and middle finger directly on the strings thanks to the finger tab.

The finger tab is personal equipment. It must meet the needs and size of the archer's fingers. It can be replaced by a leather glove or by a release when using a compound bow.

The finger tab is made of a piece that extends between the index and middle fingers. It allows the archer to pinch the arrow. It can also have a block between the forefinger and the jaw. This is used to optimize the position of the hand relative to the face.

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