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Bow sling

Whether you prefer the compound bow or the traditional bow, for precise and efficient shooting, you must take into account several criteria. One of these key factors is the way you hold and handle your bow. If you have been practicing archery for a long time, you should know that to get a proper shot, you must hold the bow correctly, but not too tightly or the shot will change. To achieve this result, you certainly need to train, but you can also use different archer's equipment. The wrist strap is one of them. That's why Hattila, your archery specialist, offers you a wide variety of wrist straps to make your archery practice easier.

What is a wrist strap?

The archer's wrist strap is a string used to prevent your bow from falling off when you release the arrow. It is placed around your hand to connect it to the bow riser. It is usually made of laces, braided strings, or braided leather. It is attached to the bow using the stabilizer. And even if the wrist strap is suitable for any type of bow, it is particularly useful for a compound bow and when hunting.

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