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Straw targets

In the archery discipline, the archer must shoot at targets. As a general rule, a target corresponds to a type of bow, but some models are suitable for all types of bows, such as straw. This is the traditional target used in practice. Hattila, your archery expert, offers several choices of straw targets to meet your needs.

Usefulness of a straw target

The archery target is the support where the arrows are planted after shooting. In terms of the target in archery, several models are recognized :

  • Foam target: blocks filled with special foam
  • Straw target: made of natural straw
  • Plastic target: target printed on plastic
  • Bag-shaped target: bag filled with different materials
  • 3D Target: target created for the courses

The straw target is widely used in archery. It is easy to handle, thanks to its low weight. But the main advantage of this type of target is that it does not damage the arrows. It can even be suitable for compound bows if the required layer of straw is added. It is the most resistant target to the impact of the arrows. There are two main types of straw targets:

  • the circular straw target: it is made of braided straw and can have several diameters: 33,4 inch, 35,4 inch or 49 inch. The thickness of a round straw target is about 2,3 inch. It is most often used for archery and crossbow shooting.
  • the rectangular straw target: it is made of braided straw and the average dimensions are 49 x 47 inches with a thickness between 2,2 and 2,2 inch. The rectangular straw target can be covered with 2 cardboard sides.
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