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Cubes et Blocks

Suitable for archery training as well as for recreational use, foam archery targets are available in different shapes and thicknesses. The block models are practical, compact, and easy to handle. They stop the arrow when it hits the target while keeping it intact, but allow also an easy removal of the arrow.

Hattila, your archery expert, offers high-quality cube and block models to suit your practice.

The different models of cubes and blocks

Different models of cubes and blocks vary according to their designs and dimensions. The following models are available:

  • One-piece target: These are the types of targets made of foam sheets and formed in one block.
  • Multi-layer targets: these are targets made up of a block of foam that keeps the foam inside, in addition to the foam sheets. This process provides better stability to the blocks.
  • Double-sided block target: these are targets that can be shot in both directions. They can also be used with broadheads.
  • Rechargeable cubes: these target models can be recharged with different materials other than foam. This gives it greater durability.
  • 3D targets: these are target models that are closer to reality. They are designed with a different process. Indeed, these targets are molded with injected high-density foam. They are then painted to have effects.
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