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Repose flèches

In archery, every bow accessory is essential. Among these equipment is the arrow rest. Among other things, it is used to achieve perfect shooting accuracy. There are several types depending on the model of bow.

What is the arrow rest?

The arrow rest is an indispensable mechanical element for the bow. It plays an important part in the bow's performance and, consequently, in the results of the shot. A good positioning of this element allows to determine the arrow's departure. Concretely, the arrow rest's main function is to ensure the precision and regularity of the shot. It also allows a better exit of the arrows. There are several types of arrow rest, to be chosen according to the type of bow, but also according to the use. We particularly recognize the following:

  • The cookie arrow rest and the drop away for the compound bow.
  • The bow mat in wool felt or animal hair for the traditional bow
  • The plastic arrow rest to be glued or screwed, for the classical bow.
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