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Berger Button

In the practice of archery, each element counts to have a shooting precision, but also good performances. Thus, the Berger Button for bow or plunger button is essential for the archer. With an appropriate adjustment of this button, it is possible to reduce the archer's paradox.

Hattila, your archery expert, provides you with all the bow equipment you need for your practice.

What is the Berger Button?

Also known as the plunger Button, the Berger Button is an accessory that is an integral part of the bow. It is composed of an internal spring. It is positioned on the bow riser and the arrow shaft. Its main function is to dampen the arrow when it is propelled. The pressure exerted by the arrow combined with the inertia of its head is enough to manhandle it. It can end up twisting.

The Berger Button can also reduce the undulations of the arrow when it is released. This phenomenon is commonly known as the "archer's paradox". When opening the fingers, the string slides. This causes the arrow to ripple when it leaves the bow.

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