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Clickers for archery

One of the most important things in archery, whatever your level, is accuracy. For consistent and accurate shooting, skill and technique are important, however, some essential bow accessories can provide that little extra. We invite you to discover the clicker which is part of the archer's equipment.

What is a clicker?

The clicker is a steel, carbon, or soft plastic blade to be used to help you find the perfect draw length. It will help you shoot with accuracy and precision especially in a long-distance shooting. It is a draw-length controller that will help the archer to find the right moment to shoot. This small blade is attached to the riser where we put the arrow. It rests on the arrow rest and hooks onto the string. If it is well positioned, the clicker will stick to the riser in one click. In competitive archery, this small piece of equipment will help the shooter to center the arrows on his target. It will also help to stabilize the flight of the arrow and inform the archer when the draw length is optimal.

The different types of clickers

  • The clicker to be screwed or glued on the riser
  • The magnetic clicker which is equipped with a wire and attaches to the arc depending on the model
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