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In the practice of competition archery, the bow stand is one of the essential bow equipment for the archer. It is placed on the ground and is used to hold your bow between each shooting session. There are different ranges and models of bow stands. If you also wish to complete your archery equipment, discover how to choose your bow stand among the models proposed by your leader in archery, depending on your needs and requirements.

What is a bow stand?

As its name suggests, the bow stand is used to place your bow between each shot. It is a useful accessory for any archer, whatever his favorite bow: traditional bow, classic bow, or compound bow. Often, in the form of a tripod, it is placed on the ground and allows you to hold your bow close between each shot or when you take up a new arrow.

The bow stand is also essential for safety reasons to avoid incidents when you are not using your bow during a competition or simply during your training sessions at the shooting range. If you are shooting outdoors, your bow stand should be appropriate for rough terrain.

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