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Fausse corde et Bandoirs

The band or false string is a very useful accessory to safely mount the bow string. When bandaging the bow, it prevents you from twisting the branches. There are several types of false string. Discover from your online archery, the best accessories for bows to make a quality choice.

The different types of false string or band

Installing a bowstring without a false string involves a considerable risk of veiling its branches. It is therefore essential to choose a false string or a band that will facilitate the installation of the real string. To help you, there are different models of false strings and bands depending on the type of your bow: classical, recurve, or compound.

Generally, they are divided into two categories:

  • The models that are positioned on each doll
  • The models that are installed on one side on the lower headstock and on the other side on the bow limb.
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