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Archery is not a new practice. Already in the Middle Ages, hunters used bows to hunt big game. Over the centuries, the design of its equipment has constantly evolved. Today, there are many different types of bows to meet different uses, whether for hunting, competitions, training, or indoor target archery. New generation bows also differ from traditional models in their performance. They are equipped with accessories that optimize their ergonomics, maneuverability, and, above all, their precision. Stabilizers play an important role in this regard.

What is a stabilizer?

stabilizer, as its name suggests, is an accessory used to stabilize the bow. To do so, it absorbs vibrations to allow the archer to better aim at the target. It is important to know that there are two types of stabilizers: the central model which is fixed on the front part and which goes in the direction of the shot and the sidebar model which is fixed on a V-Bar. The V-Bar allows to spread out the sidebars. This accessory can be fixed or modular according to the model. When these two types of stabilizers are used simultaneously, the precision of the archer's shot can be optimized. At Hattila, the specialist of bows and archery kits selling, you will find the bow stabilizer you need.

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