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Big game

Crossbow hunting is becoming more and more popular throughout the world. Hattila, your online armory, offers a selection of the best crossbows for big game hunting.

Although crossbow hunting is forbidden in France, it is regulated in some countries where we deliver.

With these silent and powerful crossbows, hitting a big prey will be easy. By big game, we mean: doe, deer, wild boar, bear, elk, mouflon, fallow deer, wolf... Of course, you can hunt medium and small game with this type of crossbow.

To become an unrivalled hunter, we recommend that you use bolts with broadheads. This will help you to make one lethal shot. For hunting, the rifle scope or sight is also one the must-have hunting accessories for long-range precision shooting.

You will find all the hunting equipment and hunting ammunition you need for your activity on Hatilla, the most reliable website dedicated to crossbows.

To have everything at hand, check out our special hunting crossbow packs for big game.

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150 - 340

Speed (FPS)

245 - 505


€30.00 - €3,885.00

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