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Shock absorbers and accessories

Since the Middle Ages, traditional bows have changed significantly. Today, there are many variations, including compound bows, Japanese bows, longbows, bare bows, compound bows, and classical bows. With this new generation of bows also came accessories of all kinds to optimize the performance of archers. The sights, stabilizers, clickers, etc. Some parts have even been specifically designed to absorb the vibrations emitted by the bow. Discover these different bow equipment and parts at Hattila, your online archery specialist.

What is a shock absorber?

When the bow is subjected to vibration, it continues to oscillate until the archer holds the source of that cause. This is called damping when an external force is applied to reduce the vibratory system. In the past, it took a considerable amount of time before the effects of vibration would fade. That is why engineers have been looking for an effective way to control it. The idea would be to provide a means to transfer the archer's energy out of the vibrating system to another system that can dissipate that energy.

Now there are different ways to do this such as friction, using Hysteresis systems, or hydraulic damping. In any case, the use of shock absorbers and accessories remains the best way to reduce vibrations in the bow riser and string. To this end, Hattila offers a wide range of shock absorbers for the mass; silent shock absorbers for compound bows; shock absorbers for classical bow; shock absorbers for extender, and shock absorbers for the split. There are shock absorbers of all brands and sizes.

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