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Sling and Catapult

Combined with "catapult", the word "sling" or "slingshot" could trigger several images in adults and teenagers. The first would be the historical duel in the Bible between little David and Goliath. A story with many lessons to be learned: a simple slingshot can bring down a giant, no matter how sophisticated his armor.

In the time of our ancestors, the slingshot and the catapult were also used as weapons. When guns and knives were not yet born, Man had to deal with what existed. It is from their will to survive and win against all forms of enemy that catapults and slings appeared. Made of different materials, these primitive-looking tools have brought down opponents, even kingdoms entrenched behind skilfully built stone walls.

Also noteworthy are the adventures that many of the 80s and 90s generations keep in mind. Sometimes they arm themselves with a slingshot to brighten up long walks in the forest, sometimes they use this equipment during play sessions in urban areas. Toy displays in stores are gradually being enriched with similar items to keep the tradition alive for younger generations. Sellers and buyers now enjoy exchanging well-built slingshots and catapults rich in precision.

Hattila's specialized store offers a multitude of slings and catapults for amateurs and professionals. Its short slings or long slings, as well as its 3-person catapults and foot slings, have been designed to be more precise. They are usually equipped with a counterbalance system to be easily combined with all kinds of projectiles. Also, they can easily integrate a bag adapted to hunting as a container.

The different types of ammunition


The days when stones and objects from our surroundings were used as ammunition are over. Now, manufacturers of slings and catapults deliver rather avant-garde ammunition. And they come in several varieties of projectiles.

Copper projectiles

Copper projectiles are favored by professional hunters for their accuracy. A little expensive compared to other projectiles, these normally deform on impact.

Steel bullets

Also known as metal balls, these are quite dangerous projectiles capable of fatally impacting their targets. They can have various diameters, between 0.68 mm and 0.44 mm, and are easily adapted to animal-type targets.

Tungsten carbide projectiles

They are known for their strength, which mimics steel projectiles. But they far outweigh them in weight: they are lighter than their peers. However, tungsten carbide bullets are more expensive to purchase.

Glass bullets

Although these projectiles are made of glass, they are identical to rubber-coated balls. Compared to steel, this variant bounces back better than steel. This limits its use in a home.

Do-it-yourself projectiles

As in the old days, it is possible to use projectiles in the field or your surroundings. Hexagonal nuts, pebbles, wood... can be used as projectiles as long as they do not alter the backfire blog of the slingshot or catapult.

The substitutability of parts

Time will eventually deteriorate all or part of your slingshot or catapult. To enjoy the same item over the long term, you will only need to replace the failing part which could be the rubbers or the back pad. Note that the rubber bands are elements that are easily damaged. Its bad condition would sometimes cause accidents in case of inattention. The rubber handle should also be checked periodically. Note, however, that some models come with replacement elements at the time of purchase.

Range and speed of fire

Not everyone is good at slingshots and catapults. It takes a combination of many practices and techniques to be successful with each shot. Roughly speaking, the effectiveness of a shot will depend on the strength of the shooter as well as his position. For professionals, the shooting distance can be up to 400 weights, especially with professional equipment. It should be noted, however, that the large number will only have an effective range for a distance between 4 and 7 meters. 

As for the speed of a shot, it is measured with the unit FPS, meaning feet per second. The speed gain is always a function of the strength of the elastic band of the slingshot or catapult. A slingshot usually has a capacity of 300 FPS. Beware, this item is dangerous in the hands of an irresponsible person, especially the slingshot that is suitable for hunting small game.

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