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Traditional bow packages

The traditional bow or classical bow has been used since the dawn of time in hunting and warfare. This type of bow is very popular with modern users and allows them to test their power and accuracy in archery.

For leisure, sport or hunting, a skilled archer needs a wide range of accessories for his traditional bow. The traditional bow kits can be very useful for those who want to start in this discipline without knowing the basic accessories.

For the more experienced archers, the all-in-one bow kits can also save time in the choice of materials because all the elements fit together perfectly. In such kits you can easily find the various accessories that go with your traditional bow, such as a bowstring, a sight, but also the quiver or the arrow sets.

At Hattila we can offer you a wide range of traditional bows for beginners, traditional spare parts and traditional wooden bows for practicing this discipline.

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