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Arcs Traditionnels de Chasse

Before being used for competition and leisure, recurve or traditional bows that were invented around 1000 BC were actually intended for hunting and combat. Despite the numerous modern bows actually in the market, traditional bows are still particularly appreciated for outdoor hunting.

If you have a hunting license according to the applicable regulations, you can very well enjoy hunting game such as hare, deer or roe deer. Appreciated for their extreme precision and power, hunting bows are traditionally made of one-piece rigid woods. They are also renowned for their neutral and elegant design.

Other than traditional hunting bows, Hattila also offers many excellent quality bow models, such as the 20-lbs recurve bow or the 15-lbs recurve bow, at very reasonable prices. For beginners, adults or children, we can also provide complete archers' equipment, such as traditional children's bows or beginners recurve bow kits.

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