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BEGINNER BOWS : The perfect equipment for beginners in archery

Considered as a sport of precision and concentration, archery is a discipline very appreciated by amateurs and professionals. Whether practiced on a regular basis or as an occasional vacation sport, it is also a physical activity that can be practiced by seniors and children alike and provides many benefits. Since archery works almost every muscle in the body, it is highly recommended for people suffering from various diseases such as mild scoliosis or low back pain. 

Beginner bows: good materials for a good start in archery

If you are a beginner archer, the first thing you need to do is to choose your bow. To do this, several criteria must be considered so that the bow can meet your expectations. These criteria include the type of bow, the size of the bow, the body type of the archer, the power required, the type of use you want to make of the bow and many others. 

If you are ready to buy your first bow, even if archery is still a vague subject, you should choose the beginner bows from hattila.com, your online archery store. These types of bows are perfectly suited for beginners. Hattila offers a wide range of bows for beginners to enhance your archery experience. Each model corresponds to the needs and expectations of each individual, depending on age.

Hattila.com : your online archery shop

Hattila, the archery specialist, offers beginner bows to make it easy for beginners and enthusiasts to master archery. The online archery shop offers a wide range of bows for beginners at competitive prices, with impeccable quality and according to the standards.


How to choose your first beginner bow?

A very old discipline, archery is a fun and enjoyable activity. To begin archery, the choice of the bow is very important. There are two main categories of bows: recurve bows or classical bows and compound bows. Compound bows are dedicated to hunters while recurve bows are recommended for beginners. But how to choose your first bow? For beginners, here is how to choose your first bow:

According to the type of bow

The choice of the type of bow is a factor not to be neglected if you want to start archery. In order to choose the right beginner bow for you, it is essential to know all the types of bows that exist.

There are three types of bows: 

  • The recurve bow: 

Currently, this type of bow is the most popular and widely used. The recurve bow can be disassembled or monobloc. For beginners, it is preferable to opt for the monobloc made of wood or plastic. Of course, if you want to have a perfect handling of your bow, choose this model which provides low power and ideal lightness. For experienced archers, the dismountable model, often made of steel or aluminum, is highly recommended.

  • The longbow or traditional bow:

Also called the longbow, the longbow is a bow remarkable for its simplicity. It is generally made of wood. With straight limbs and a single piece of wood, this type of bow does not have an arrow rest on the riser. Because of its power, it is usually used by experienced archers.

  • Compound bows or compound bows:

 This type of bow has incredible power thanks to the cams mechanisms. It is perfectly adapted to target shooting, and is therefore not recommended for hunting. The compound bow can increase its power by up to 60% during the shooting process and also has exceptional accuracy, which can be optimized by using its accessories.

Depending on the archery family

Discipline has a lot to do with the choice of your beginner bow. There are two main families of archery:

  • Target shooting:

Target shooting is usually practiced outdoors or indoors. During a competition, the distance varies between 18 and 70 meters. A picture, a 3D replica of an animal or a target face of arms can be used as a target. The main objective of target shooting is to hit the center of the target with as many arrows as possible in a short period of time. For this discipline, the most commonly used bows are compound bows and classical bows. 

Apart from the above mentioned criteria, when choosing your first bow, it is important to take into account some elements such as the size of the bow, the height of the bow, the power of the limbs, the specificities of the bow and the archer and the archer's directing eye. 

If you want to start archery and are looking for a bow that meets your needs, Hattila.com offers you a wide selection of beginner bows at attractive prices.

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