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Arcs à Poulies Enfants

Do you want to introduce your child to archery? Compound bows are the perfect way to get started in complete safety. Appreciated for their power, accuracy and speed, compound bows allow children to progress quickly in this discipline.

Compound bows use a pulley system to reduce the power required to shoot the bow compared to traditional bows. Although less physical than traditional bows, this type of modern archery equipment nevertheless requires technique and concentration to progress well.

Ideal for introducing your child to the joys of archery, compound models for beginners are available at Hattila.com, starting at 10 lbs. To perfect your child's training, you should also consider getting different accessories, such as strings or arrows for compound bows. You can also find different models of beginner hunting bows at our online archery store.

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10 - 70

Draw length

15 - 30




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