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Arcs à Poulies Adultes

The compound bow is one of the weapons gaining more and more interest today. Initially made of classical wood with a simple string, its design has evolved in an atypical way over the years. Today, it has become the weapon of choice for archers in many sports disciplines, particularly in the French Archery Federation target shooting and field archery. The style of the models has also varied over time. It is now possible to find bare compound bows for shooting without a sight and kit compound bows for free shooting.

Unlike a traditional bow, the compound bow has a curved end connected by a flexible rope. This configuration gives it both speed and power. Plus, it works according to the lever principle. Compound bows are available in a wide range. A specific model, thus can be found for each user profile. At Hattila, the online reference in the archery market, you can find the compound bow you need. Whether it is a compound bow for adults, children, beginners or professionals, you will find a wide variety of bows. Hattila also offers diverse accessories and kits, such as screws, stabilizer, lanyard, arrows and quiver.

The different types of adult compound bows

When we talk about compound bows, keep in mind that there are numerous models available. And each prototype differs in shape and configuration. Here are the different options:

The compound bow with a single cam

For adults who are new to archery, this is the most suitable model. As its name indicates, this bow only has a cam. It is used to tighten the ends of the equipment and allows to concentrate the archer's draw weight. Installed on the lower limb, the control cam makes the whole bow very easy to use. The upper part, on the other hand, is equipped with a single freewheel, which allows for a "soft" shot.

The compound bow with double cams

If the smoothness of the shot is guaranteed with a compound bow with a single cam, power and speed are the key words of the models with double cams. Their integrated two cams are able to act independently. Consequently, this configuration requires greater pressure and force from the upper and lower limbs. One reason why this type of model is more suitable for professionals.

The compound bow with hybrid cams

Hybrid cam compound bows are models that have been on the market for a few years now. These hybrid cams have been carefully designed to overcome the problem of synchronization of double cam bows. A control cam is thus placed on the draw weight cam, ensuring greater ease of use and performance. It is also important to note that these two cams are asymmetrical and form an ellipse.

Choice criteria of an adult compound bow

While choosing a compound bow for adults, it is not enough to know the different types of models. Two criteria must also be taken into account: your draw length and the weight of the bow. The draw length can range from 22 to 30 inches depending on your size. In any case, be aware that if the draw length is too short, the accuracy of your shot may be compromised.

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