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Our cheap compound bows

Archery is a sport that is gaining more and more followers. Combining both performance and skill, even the youngest are beginning to take an interest in it. However, concentration is not enough to get started in this sport. Reaching the target will greatly depend on the type of equipment you choose. There are many models to choose from. But for competition and hunting, compound bows are the best choice. You want to buy a high-performance compound bow, but at the most affordable price? Go to Hattila, the go-to vendor of crossbows and archery online.

Unlike the beginner's bow and the traditional competition bow, a compound bow usually includes a riser made of aluminum or carbon. As for the limbs, they are often made of carbon foam or wood, materials that combine flexibility and strength. A compound bow also stands out for its mechanism, which gives it more power. This is thanks to a system of compounds placed on its upper and lower parts. This configuration remains the same for both high-end models and inexpensive compound bows. Only the quality of the design and the choice of materials will make the difference. At Hattila, you will find models that meet all the criteria with accessories and kits, sold at a competitive price.

The characteristics of an inexpensive compound bow

A compound bows affordable or high end, remains an evolution of the classic bow. This evolution goes in the sense that the string is attached by a cable that will pass through two compounds. This design allows the archer not to feel the tension in the limbs. This explains why the shot is both powerful and soft at the same time. The compound bow is also considered to be the fastest in the whole range. Arrow speeds, in general, are over 300 feet per sec. At the same time, it offers an adjustable draw weight range of 10 lbs. As for the riser, compound bows can carry a reflex riser, deflex from the right.

At Hattila, you will be able to find the type of compound bow that is cheap with the riser and the power you are looking for. Whether it's a single cam, double cam or hybrid cam model, Hattila has what you need.

The required accessories for an inexpensive compound bow

There are many criteria to consider when choosing a good but inexpensive compound bow. Apart from the quality of the construction material, the draw weight , the riser and the band are also essential. As a reminder, the Band is the distance between the string and the hollow of the riser when the bow is held at rest. Accessories should neither be neglected when buying an economical compound bow. Even for an entry-level or mid-range model, accessories will always ensure comfortable shooting conditions for the archer.

In this perspective, it is advisable to be equipped with at least a tab, a bracer, a chest guard and a quiver. The pallet is the accessory that will protect your fingers when you take it off. The bracer is the element that will be used to protect your arm. As for the breastplate, it is worn over the garment to allow the rope to slide on a smooth surface without hitting it. You will find all these accessories with additional equipment on Hattila.

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