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Powerful hunting bows

Bow hunting is a sport discipline requiring specific equipment, starting with the hunting bow. Among the different types of bows, it is the one that is best adapted to shooting game. However, one must choose its power carefully. Expressed in pounds, it indicates the necessary strength to arm the bow. As a general rule, it is selected according to the type of game hunted, but also according to whether the archer is a beginner, intermediate or advanced archer.

When you want to hunt big game, you look for a high power in the throwing weapon. As a minimum, it must be 45 lbs, but it can be up to 75 lbs and even up to 180 lbs in the case of primitive bows. These are intended for seasoned archers, mastering the skills of this discipline to the tips of their fingers.

At Hattila.com, your online archery, you can find the most powerful hunting bows from the reference brands. Our hunting bows are available in several forms: compound bows, recurve or traditional bows, primitive bows... Their power is variable and to be selected according to your level and the game you hunt. We provide you with quality equipment.

How to choose your hunting bow and its power?

The choice of a hunting bow is based on several criteria:

  • The type of hunting: for instinctive shooting, the traditional bow is to be privileged. On the other hand, for competition, hunting in the field, on the lookout, etc., nothing beats the compound hunting bow. Thanks to its lever system, the bow is capable of shooting arrows at high velocity (60% more power) over a long distance.
  • Your guiding eye: an archer can be left-handed, therefore holding the bow with his right hand and the string and arrow with his left hand (to aim and shoot), or be right-handed, therefore doing the opposite. You have to choose your bow model accordingly.
  • The power: it must be adapted to the archer's physical build, the most powerful bows being ideal for the strongest ones. A woman and a man of the same size but with a different weight will each need a bow whose power is adapted to their physical strength.
  • Height and weight: a short bow (less than 32'') is less accurate compared to a medium bow (32 to 38'') and a long bow (more than 38''). In general, the length and weight of the bow is proportional to its power. Do not hesitate to test the weapon, its balance and comfort.
  • Arrows: You will also need arrows adapted to your bow to shoot efficiently and comfortably. To do this, ask someone to measure the distance between the bow and the string while you stretch the string, add 5 cm and you will get the ideal arrow length. Also pay attention to the quality of the arrows and hunting tips.

Note that a powerful hunting bow for big game shooting should be coupled with arrows whose tips are made of at least two sharp blades. The blades in question must have a cutting diameter of 25 mm and over or a cutting length of 40 mm and over. You can also find a wide range of accessories for hunting bows on your online archery shop: arrows, quivers, hunting tips, ropes, protective accessories, etc. Contact us for personalized advice in choosing powerful hunting bows and accessories!

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